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Breast Surgery Must Haves

Breast Surgery Must Haves

Many women have reached out to me via Instagram asking for advice for my breast surgery must-haves. I had some wonderful women suggesting items to have at home before surgery and they really helped. I also discovered some on my own after surgery, so I thought I’d share what helped me the most for any of you out there preparing for a any type of breast surgery, whether it be a biopsy, revision, mastectomy, double mastectomy, whatever! Now as I’m gearing up for reconstruction, I’m pulling these out of the closet to use again as I recover.

4 jackson-pratt surgical drains on woman's lap

Items to have to prepare for a mastectomy

For your body:

  1. The Recovery Shirt was phenomenal for holding my drains. It was the only thing I could really get comfortable in because there wasn’t the weight of the drains hanging on me. I ended up buying two!

  2. Zip-front sports bras were essentially what I lived in for the first three weeks until I felt comfortable sleeping without a bra on.

  3. Ana Ono Pocketed Front Closure Bra. This was a life safer after I got out of the post-op surgical bra.

  4. Button-front PJs like these or these are great.

  5. This shower drain holder to hold your drains so you can shower was a game-changer. Nothing like a hot shower after surgery.

  6. Button downs. I lived in flannels and tunics from LLBean because I’m always cold and these were perfect. Plus they have a breast pocket that I could stick my phone in.

  7. Seat belt pillow. You’re going to need to comfortably get home from the hospital, as well as go back and forth to doctor’s appointments after surgery. This pillow was a great way to ride painlessly.

  8. Style Esteem Turbans: These turbans were created by a friend of mine and a fellow survivor. Turbans are a great way to keep your head warm and fashionable when going through chemo and losing hair. There is a turban included as part of our Chemo Survival Kit as well if you have chemo on the horizon. 

woman taking selfie standing holding foley catheter bag


  1. The Bed Wedge was a literal life saver! I don’t know what I would have done if my girlfriend hadn’t told me to get one of these before surgery. I couldn’t lay flat for at least a month without pain, so this was essential!

  2. The Recovery Heart Pillow was the perfect size to put under my arm for a little added support

woman in car with mastectomy pillow and seat belt

How to prepare your mind:

I struggled with this. I was going through breast cancer at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Meditate. My husband downloaded the Calm app and we tried to do nightly mediations together to help us decompress before bed.

  • Exercise. You won’t be able to do too much exercise after surgery other than walking, so if this is a way you manage your stress, go for it!

  • Get a massage. I’m 3 months from my mastectomy as I write this and I still can’t lay on my stomach comfortably.

  • Listen to an audiobook or a podcast. I find that when I get really into something, my mind just listens and I have a momentary break from my stressful thoughts.

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