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Regaining Confidence in the Bedroom After Breast Cancer Treatment: Embracing Your New Normal

Breast cancer is a journey that leaves both emotional and physical scars. Among its many life-altering impacts, it can significantly affect your sex life and intimacy. However, feeling self-conscious after surgeries or chemotherapy is entirely normal, and there are ways to regain your sexual confidence. Here's how:

Accepting Your New Body

 Understand Your Surgical Choices

Whether you've opted for a double mastectomy, unilateral mastectomy, lumpectomy, or decided to go flat, educating yourself about these surgical options can set realistic body expectations. Websites like offer comprehensive guides.

Embrace Lingerie

Consider specialized lingerie to feel more feminine and confident. Stores like AnaOno offer bras designed for post-mastectomy bodies, including pockets for prostheses.

Practice Self-Love 

Spend time in front of a mirror, naked, and appreciate your resilient body. Websites like MindBodyGreen offer helpful articles on practicing self-love.

 Coping with Radiation Burns

Prioritize Comfort

Soft, breathable sleepwear and hypoallergenic lubricants like Slippery Stuff can make your intimate moments more comfortable.

Open Dialogue

Communicate with your partner about your sensitive areas. The power of verbal communication in intimacy cannot be overemphasized.

 Dealing with Hair Loss

Wigs and Scarves

If wearing a wig makes you feel sexy, wear it in the bedroom too. Websites like offer a variety of styles. Alternatively, chic scarves from retailers like Headcovers can add a stylish touch. Style Esteem makes fantastic turbans as well - their philosophy is if you’re a turbanista, a cancer or alopecia patient, or are just having a bad hair day, every hair journey is personal and deserves a high fashion crown. 

Explore Sensory Play

Hair loss can make your scalp highly sensitive. Products like Scalp Massagers can be incorporated into foreplay for heightened sensations.

 The Psychological Aspect

Seek Professional Help

Consider talking to therapists who specialize in sexual health after cancer, like those listed on AASECT.


Open and honest communication with your partner is more crucial than ever. offers resources on how to initiate conversations about sensitive topics.

 Revisit Your Preferences

Your sexual preferences may have shifted during treatment. Websites like Scarleteen offer resources for exploring new facets of your sexuality.

Final Thoughts

Regaining confidence in the bedroom is a journey. It requires self-love, communication, and occasionally, professional guidance. Remember, these scars and changes are badges of your resilience. You are still you, and it's possible to rediscover a satisfying sexual life after breast cancer.

Your partner loves you, scars and all. This new chapter in your life can bring deeper intimacy, even amid challenges. You've faced cancer; you can navigate this new phase of your life with the same courage.

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