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The Ultimate Breast Cancer Gift Basket: What Patients Really Want

Gift-giving is a language of love, especially when a loved one is battling something as daunting as breast cancer. While the intention behind a gift is what truly counts, selecting items that offer comfort, utility, and a dash of luxury can make your gift basket genuinely impactful. Here’s a guide to creating the ultimate breast cancer gift basket that includes both readily available items and exclusive ones from The Pink Warrior Shop.

Items for Comfort

1. Soft, Cozy Blanket

Chemotherapy rooms can get cold, making a soft, plush blanket a much-needed comfort item. 

2. Soothing Velvet Robe

This robe is designed to offer comfort during those long hospital stays or even just lounging at home.

Items for Utility

1. Nausea Relief Bands

Chemotherapy can lead to nausea. Nausea relief bands can be a useful addition to your basket.

2. Planner/Journal

A planner can help organize appointments and medications, while a journal can serve as an emotional outlet. The Warrior's Journal + Resource Guide is your essential companion through every phase of the breast cancer journey. Its pages offer not just space for note-taking and reflection, but also a QR code granting instant access to invaluable resources. From the whirlwind moments post-diagnosis to the challenges of surgery, chemo, and radiation, and the triumphant steps into survivorship—this guide ensures you're informed and empowered. Crafted with heart and expertise, this journal bridges the gap between personal experience and essential knowledge. The Warrior's Journal is available as part of the Courage Crate, in partnership with Need Want Wear Share. 

Luxurious Must-Haves

1. High-Quality Skincare Products

Radiation and chemotherapy can cause skin dryness. A set of quality moisturizing products can be a real luxury. Some of my favorite skincare products can be found here.  

2. You're Perfect Boob Tote Bag

This isn’t just any tote bag; it’s a statement piece from The Pink Warrior Shop. Perfect for carrying essentials to and from hospital visits.

The Emotional Touch

1. Inspirational Book

A book with uplifting stories or inspirational quotes can provide emotional strength on tough days.

2. Boob Inclusive Mug

Also from The Pink Warrior Shop, this mug is more than just a container; it’s a daily reminder of that regardless what your breasts look like, you're beautiful.

A Special Mention: The Courage Crate

Launching on October 1st, The Courage Crate is an exclusive collaboration between The Pink Warrior Shop and Need Want Wear Share. We can’t reveal too much yet, but let’s just say it’s a curated box filled with items designed to empower, comfort, and inspire. Stay tuned for more!

Thoughtful Add-Ons

1. Gift Cards

Sometimes, letting them choose what they want is the best gift you can give. Consider adding gift cards for their favorite online stores.

2. Handwritten Note

Never underestimate the power of a handwritten note to convey your love and support. Some of my favorite cards are the snarky cancer cards from The Pink Warrior Shop

Creating a breast cancer gift basket is an intimate gesture that shows your love and support. By including items for comfort, utility, and luxury, you can cover all bases and make your loved one feel truly cared for. Don't forget to include special items like the Warrior Tote Bag or the Soothing Velvet Robe from The Pink Warrior Shop to add that personal touch.

Your gift is more than just a basket of items; it’s a hug, a helping hand, and a beacon of hope rolled into one. So go ahead, pour your love into that basket and let it work its magic.


- The Pink Warrior Shop


Remember, it’s not just about what you put in the basket but also the love and thought that go into assembling it.

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