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Bring the power of Courtney's voice and journey to your next event or collaboration. With a deep passion for advocacy and a unique perspective on survivorship, Courtney is available for speaking engagements, partnerships, and collaborative initiatives through The Pink Warrior Shop. Connect today to inspire, educate, and make a lasting impact.

Speaking Engagements

Experience the depth of Courtney's story live. Whether it's a keynote address, panel discussion, or workshop, her resilience and authenticity resonate, leaving audiences inspired and more informed about the complexities of the breast cancer journey.

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Empower and uplift through collaboration. Whether it's co-creating products, launching awareness campaigns, or hosting events, partnering with The Pink Warrior Shop and Courtney brings a blend of purpose and passion to any initiative, amplifying impact and reach.


For media inquiries, interviews, or feature stories, connect directly with Courtney. With her compelling narrative and passion for advocacy, she offers valuable insights on breast cancer, survivorship, and building a community of support.

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Connect directly with The Pink Warrior community. Whether you have questions, collaboration ideas, or simply wish to share your story, we're here to listen. Email Courtney at or fill out our contact form. Courtney or a member of her dedicated team will respond as soon as possible."